CodeCanyon Calendarize it for WordPress 2568439

CodeCanyon Calendarize it for WordPress 2568439

CodeCanyon Calendarize it for WordPress 2568439
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Plugin - Calendarize it for WordPress 2568439 by RightHere @ CodeCanyon

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Last Update: 27 December 12; Compatible Browsers: IE8, IE9, Firefox 3, Firefox 4, Safari 4, Safari 5, Opera, Chrome; Software Version: WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.2; Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP.

Welcome to Calendarize It! – a powerful Calendar and Event plugin for WordPress.

There are several great calendar plugins available for WordPress, but most of them target specific industries, or are limited in features. We have tried to create a feature rich Calendar and Event plugin, which targets a very broad audience. We hope you’ll like it!

Take a peek on how Calendarize It! looks live and try for your self how easy it is to use. Simply use the following details to login.

Username: DemoUser

Password: TryMeNow

Main Features
Easy Point and Click interface to add new events
It is easy to add new events with the “point and click” visual calendar interface in wp-admin. Click on the day, enter the start day/time and end day/time.

Preview when entering event in wp-admin (single event)
You will get a preview of the event in the calendar in the wp-admin.

Support for Recurring Events
Easily add recurring events: every day, every week, every 2 weeks, every month, every year, and if you select More Options you can choose to repeat events multiple times the same day, hour. You can also choose between settings like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or last.

Support for Arbitrary Recurring Events and Recurring Events with Exceptions
With the release of Calendarize It! for WordPress version 1.2 it is now possible to create Arbitrary Recurring Events easily. First you create your recurring event and then you can repeat it when ever you want, including changing the time of the day when it repeats. You can also create Recurring Events and then easily remove specific dates (exceptions).

Show Individual Calendars per user in WordPress
You can easily display calendars for individual users in WordPress simply by adding a Shortcode with the username. You can also display events from multiple users by adding the id number of the user instead of the username.

Advanced Filtering (Custom Taxonomies)
Calendarize It! for WordPress supports Custom Taxonomies and by using these you can apply advanced filtering when viewing the Calendar in the front end. By default all events will be showing unless you have inserted a Shortcode with filtering. Click on a Custom Taxonomy and click “Apply filters”. You can add the filters in any combination. And click “Show All” in order to remove all filters.

Sidebar Widget for Mini Events Calendar
Insert a Mini Events Calendar widget in your sidebar. Apply advanced filtering with Custom Taxonomies. Choose between different jQuery UI skins.

Sidebar Widget for Upcoming Events
Insert a Upcoming Events widget in your sidebar. Apply advanced filtering with Custom Taxonomies.

Event List per day, per week, monthly
Switch directly from either Monthly, Weekly or Daily view to “event” and view all events from the Month, the Week or the Day.

Support for Custom Fields for Events
When creating your event you can easily add Custom Fields. Choose between three different types of Custom Fields: Custom, Taxonomy or Metadata.

Create and Manage Venues, Organizers and Calendars (Custom Taxonomies)
Assign events to specific Calendars, Organizers and Venues. Create detailed Venue page. By default Calendarize It! has three Taxonomies: Calendars, Organizers and Venues. You can install our free add-on Custom Taxonomies for Calendarize It!, which will let you add your own Custom Taxonomies. This way you can create filters that works for you, and in the Options Panel you can disable the default Taxonomies.

Support for Shortcodes
We have created 8 different Shortcodes that you can use with Calendarize It!. From a very Shortcode to insert the calendar to more advanced Shortcodes that allow you to apply different filters.

Support for Custom Post Types
You can activate Calendarize It! for Custom Post Types including Posts and Pages. This means you can make these show as “events” in the calendar. By default only “Events” show up in the calendar, but you can enable other Custom Post Types as well.

Support for Custom Capabilities
With Custom Capabilities you can customize who has access to the different features. Please notice that you need a Role and Capability Manager in order to use the Custom Capabilities. You can either use our White Label Branding for WordPress , which has a build in Role and Capability Manager, or try one of the free plugins available on the internet.

Customize Time and Date format
We have implemented comprehensive support for customizing the Time and Date format. You can completely customize the Time and Date format for the following views: month, week, day and event list. This also includes setting 12 hour or 24 hour time format .

Support for Events by User Role
If you have our Pages by User Role for WordPress plugin you will able to set the access to each event by User Role. You can either provide access or block specific user roles. This makes it possible to show one calendar, but depending on the visitors user role they will see different events in the calendar.

Detailed Event Page
Each event has a detailed Event Page where you can add information.

Detailed Venue Page
Each event has a detailed Venue Page where you can add information about the venue. Below the venue information we will display any upcoming events from the venue.

Google Map integration for Events and Venues
Both the Event Page and Venue Page supports Google Maps.

Support for internationalization (translation)
Calendarize It! for WordPress comply with the Codex for internationalization. This is a process of making an application ready for translation. In WordPress this means making strings which should be translated in a special way.
If you have our Easy Translation Manager for WordPress you can easily translate Calendarize It! for WordPress.

Support and Updates
We support our plugins and have a professional support ticket system setup to handle and track all issues or requests from our customers. Follow us on Envato or Twitter to stay up to date with new releases and updates.

Version 1.2.4 rev31652 – December 26, 2012

- Update : Disable date formatting for Custom Field info

- Update : English .po and .mo files with new labels

- Bug Fixed : Interoperability fix: Let WordPress handle the menu position, as fixed positions have a risk of already be claimed by other plugins.

- Bug Fixed : Use the datetime of the end and start date rather than just the time. Then the programmer can choose what format to display

- New Feature: New function that will output a repeat date following the event list fullcalendar date format

- New Feature : Added the day and month names to the function so the output can be localized

- New Feature : New function for easier setup of the event template when manually setting it: get_repeat_start_date($post_id,$date_format)

Version 1.2.3 rev30654 – November 27, 2012

- Bug Fixed : Date not showing on the admin in Firefox (PC)

- Bug Fixed : Prevent php warning

- New Feature : Allow specifying alternate event source

- New Feature : Added rdate to iCalendar

- Update : Implement the prev and next label settings when generating the cal shortcode

- Update : Enable the field for changing the prev and next button text

Version 1.2.2 rev29705 – November 2, 2012

- New Feature : Allow setting a content wrap on Pages used as templates

- Update: Simplify templates, replace php functions with shortcodes, so that templates can optionally be fully setup at the template page

- New Feature : Added option to enable thumbnail support in case the theme don’t

- New Feature : Added option to specify the page id to which the widget links to by default

- Update : Remove spaces from organizer template as they get converted to “p” and “br”

- Update : Separated the event list js code for easier maintenance

- Bug Fixed : If the address is empty do not display the address label in the tooltip

- Bug Fixe d: If website field is empty, don’t show the field

- Bug Fixed : Remove extra space when fields are empty

- Bug Fixed : Do not show map if all required fields for map are empty

- Bug Fixed : One event list, when address venue or organizer is empty, do not show the label

- Bug Fixed : Do not show description on event list if it is empty (double border lines)

- Bug Fixed : Multiple day events, incorrectly displayed on IE9 and old Firefox. Technical: IE is not capable of using date string yyyy-mm-dd on new Date(date string) odd.

- Bug Fixed : Added an option to ignore a WordPress recommendation, so that event does not return a 404 on sites with plugins or themes that also ignores this recommendation

- Bug Fixed : Load options before init to catch the new ignore standard troubleshooting setting

Version 1.2.1 rev29610 – October 27, 2012

- New Feature : Option to enable Featured Image for all Post Types. Some themes don’t add the “Featured Image” metabox. This will take care of it.

- New Feature : Option to disable link in calendar pop-up

- New Feature : Added option to turn on or off the debug menu

- Bug Fixed : Google calendar treats dtend exclusively

- Bug Fixed : Modify in_array function, on certain conditions events do not show on any browser but Firefox.

- Bug Fixed : Compatibility fix, added id to a div with postbox class, as it seams that cardamom theme js needs the id or else it crashes.

- Bug Fixed : First date should not contain date in the URL

- Bug Fixed : Non recurring events that have repeat dates, do not repeat if the start date and end interval is not in the current view date range.

Version 1.2.0 rev29423 – October 19, 2012

- New Feature: Added support for Exceptions when creating recurring events

- New Feature : Added support for arbitrary recurring events

- New Feature : Added option to specify calendar URL to link the upcoming events widget

- Bug Fixed : Adjusted margin on “Calendar” and “Today” button

- Bug Fixed : Show correct date of repeat instance info fields on event page when
clicking on a repeat event.

- Bug Fixed : When choosing to filter by several taxonomies
(it was only filtering by 1 taxonomy)

- Updated : Layout fixed for WordPress 3.5

Version 1.1.4 rev29164 – September 23, 2012

- New Feature : Provided an option to display all Calendarize It! Post Types
in the main calendar

- Bug Fixed : Add Organizer image and HTML content

Version 1.1.3 rev29014 – August 31, 2012

- Bug Fixed : Make sure featured image is used for events

- Bug Fixed : $.curCSS is depreciated in jQuery 1.8, updated full calendar.js
Improvement: Optional Tooltip title link disable or enable

- Bug Fixed : All Day events where showing time in start and end dates in popup

- Bug Fixed : Option to enable/disable ical button on the calendar widget

Version 1.1.2 rev28899 – August 18, 2012

- New Feature : Render short codes in before/after template HTML; added
shortcode rhc_sidebar for adding sidebars to the template

- New Feature : Option to make taxonomies into fields, hyperlinks to the taxonomy page

- Update : Allow the parameter to be ‘false’ so that the specified template does
not render any sidebar

- Update : Missing text domain on the words: Start, End and Address in the pop-up

- Update : Added optional rewrite procedures for sites with problems with
permalinks, updated Options Panel, pushed plugin init to after_theme_setup
for theme integration support. Added default organizers template, include
code (but not enabled) for handling calendar inside a tab

- Bug Fixed : Multiple day events were only highlighted the first day in the
calendar widget

- Bug Fixed : When the end date time is less than start time it was incorrectly
calculating the number of days

- Bug Fixed : Upcoming Events Widget, when event is all day, time should not display

- Bug Fixed : On most themes, the image pushes the content on the event list
Bug Fixed: Prevent CSS3 transition from modifying the event rendering behavior

Version 1.1.1 rev28549 – August 1, 2012

- Bug Fixed : Frontend breaking when showing Calendar and Upcoming Events Widget
at the same time

- Update : jQuery UI updated to version 1.8.22
New Feature: Option to disable built-in Taxonomies from Options

Version 1.1.0 rev28238 – July 27, 2012

- New Feature : Provide option to disable loading Calendarize It! templates

- New Feature : Hide dialog when pressing escape key

- New Feature : Support for iCal (OSX Calendar) and Google Calendar feed

- New Feature : Allow to set iCal parameters

- New Feature : Added better support for setting time and data format

- New Feature : Added month and day names to the Options Panel

- New Feature : Enable default options in Calendar in widget

- New Feature : Implement day and month names in upcoming events widget from
Shortcode options

- New Feature : Included Spanish .mo files

- Update : Modified widget for current rule event, changed date format to full calendar
format to support only one date format

- Update : Added new language strings in .po and .mo files

- Bug Fixed : Provide a custom URL for the calendar link (implemented non-default event
and calendar display slugs)

- Bug Fixed : Recurring events that repeat many times where being excluded from the
upcoming events widget

- Bug Fixed : Recurring events only showing in Chrome. rule UNTIL, if time not set,
should include that days event in recurring events

- Bug Fixed : Missing end date time, added formatting to info box inside the admin so
it looks like the frontend

- Bug Fixed : Upcoming events not showing on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari
Bug Fixed: Spacing on Upcoming Events widget

- Bug Fixed : Default time format with 2 digit minutes

- Bug Fixed : When any of the taxonomy slugs is left empty in the options panel, in
WordPress 3.4.1 every pages becomes not found

- Bug Fixed : Missing textdomain for “Every year”, “Custom Interval”, “No access”

Version 1.0.2 rev27083 – July 7, 2012

- Bug Fixed : HTML entries in event title

- Bug Fixed : Set first day of the week was not working

- Bug Fixed : Typographical error “Wednsday” changed to “Wednesday” in drop down
for choosing start day of the week

- New Feature : Added backend options to customizing month, week, day and event
list time formats. As well as title, column, event time and agenda axis

- New Feature : Added sort by date in the event admin

- New Feature : Allow hookup of external jQuery UI themes (this allows you to easily
add your own jQuery UI themes by using the
It is important that you add a CSS Scope (.rhcalendar) when exporting the theme
in order to limit the usage of the CSS to Calendarize It!)

- New Feature : Allow hookup of external templates (this allow you to update the
plugin without overwriting any customizations you have made to the templates)

- New Feature : Provide configuration options for agenda view
Update: added latest strings to localization files

Version 1.0.1 rev26587 – June 30, 2012

- Bug Fixed : Incorrect localization function giving warning

- Bug Fixed : Start and End date subtitle where not being localized
Update: Added filters to event list in wp-admin

- Update : Added load text domain for Calendarize It!

- Update : Added base files for translation (/languages)
Update: Added argument to control the start and end formats in the event list

Version 1.0.0 rev26066 – June 22, 2012

- First Release

Modal Log In for WordPress; Menu by User Role for WordPress; Complete Gallery Manager for WordPress; WLB: Hide Widgets in Admin; Easy Visualization Tools for WordPress; EVT: Google Maps add-on for Easy Visualization Too; EVT: Flip Numbers add-on for Easy Visualization To.

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Tags: Events, Calendar, Wordpress, Recurring, Manager

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