CodeCanyon Justified Image Grid Premium WordPress Gallery 2594251

CodeCanyon Justified Image Grid Premium WordPress Gallery 2594251

CodeCanyon Justified Image Grid Premium WordPress Gallery 2594251
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Plugin - Justified Image Grid Premium WordPress Gallery 2594251 by Firsh @ CodeCanyon

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Last Update: 19 December 12; Compatible Browsers: IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox 3, Firefox 4, Safari 4, Safari 5, Opera, Chrome; Software Version: WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3; High Resolution: Yes; Files Included: JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP.

This responsive WordPress gallery plugin aligns your thumbnails into a justified grid using jQuery. Flickr and Google+ both featured images like this. Present your galleries in an eye-catching and unique new way! It can boost the standard WP galleries [gallery] as [justified_image_grid] with lots of new features and options. WP3.5 will manage the galleries and this plugin will display them. Or alternatively you can load images from Facebook and Flickr or use NextGEN gallery as an image manager/source. You’ll be able to make a responsive banner/slider of Recent posts using their featured images!

Control every aspect: row height, appearance, special effects like desaturation, color overlay with magnifier icon, borders, multiple captions, free and premium lightboxes, mouse activated animation… It’s easy to install and comes with 15 presets out of the box. The setup is a breeze with two admin areas: the plugin settings and the shortcode editor (you can edit your previously generated shortcodes!). Over 100 settings are spread over a tabbed interface for quick access. The settings are available to change on a per gallery basis, extending the global setting and presets. No coding skills are required. There is no need to remember shortcode attributes/values because of the editor that has examples and contextual help.

Your download includes an extensive 29 pages PDF documentation with full settings reference, troubleshooting guide and clickable bookmarks – table of contents. There is also a fast-response support by the author who guarantees reply . It covers installation, technical and compatibility issues. Buy with confidence, the author is here to help!

Feel free to upgrade to WP 3.5 (but make sure you have the newest version, v1.4)!


- Automatically align images to a justified gallery

- Responsive : adapts to the resolution of any device, provided your theme is also responsive. Try resizing the browser window! It’ll adjust as you stop dragging.

- Uses the WordPress native way of creating galleries, you can use your pre-existing galleries

- Load albums from Facebook ! Use the Facebook authorization manager tool and the shortcode editor to visually select your album to load (page and user albums as well), image list caching is supported

- Flickr compatibility: load photos from a user’s Photostream, Favorites, Group pools, Photosets, Galleries! Includes a user manager tool. No authentication required. Image list caching is supported.

- Nextgen integration, full support for nested albums and galleries, permalinks, custom links, limit, hidden limit is used instead of pagination.

- Built-in breadcrumb for Nextgen with lots of options

- Recent posts : Create a homepage ‘slider’ of the recent posts (or your custom post type) using their featured images, filter by categories, display categories/tags in the caption, or show an automatic excerpt trimmed to x words as well as your manual exceprt…

- Load more type of pagination

- Limit image count or maximum rows

- Hidden limit – limit the number of thumbs but cycle all gallery images in the lightbox

- Flexible, dynamic row height

- On the fly special effects : cross-browser desaturation, glow, blur, sepia, edge detection effects

- Admin area 1: Main settings page with clean and logical tabs

- Admin area 2: Shortcode editor for the attributes with the ability to edit existing shortcodes

- Both admin areas feature contextual help and are tabbed

- Over 100 settings and shortcode attributes that you can change for each gallery

- Multiple free lightbox options bundled: a customized prettyPhoto with social sharing, ColorBox, PhotoSwipe – which is optimized for mobiles and features a touch swipe navigation between the images. It’s possible to use a different lightbox for mobile devices and for desktops. Also to disable the lightbox or to turn links off.

- Custom link URL with video support – images with link target (_self/_blank/video)

- Collaboration with premium lightboxes (WordPress plugins). These are the brand-new FooBox which is social and responsive + the Social Gallery that allows Facebook/Disqus comments for the pictures. These are purchased separately.

- Inner/Middle/Outer border with Inner/Outer shadow

- Magnifier icon (can be changed) in the middle of the transparent color overlay

- Error checking

- Right click theft protection

- Download link with browser pop-up to save the image (only in prettyPhoto)

- Ability to use multiple instances on one page

- Option to hide the last row if incomplete or to match previous row’s height for same shaped images

- You can choose any of the WordPress image fields (such as Title, Alternate Text, Caption, Description from Media Libray) to appear at any location as captions and in the lightbox scripts

- Localization ready with .po file (includes tinyMCE modal window texts)

- Built-in tool to move images between posts in the Media Library without having to re-upload them

- Crops the images as a last resort

- Full deeplinking and extended social tools support for prettyPhoto : Twitter, G+, Pinterest share the individual images

- Template tag generator in the shortcode editor, sidebar text widget shortcode compatibility

- Features simply the best mouse enter/leave animation solution, hoverFlow for jQuery to solve the animation queue buildup

- TimThumb prepares, resizes, caches the thumbnails for minimal bandwidth and resource usage. It’s also made cacheable by CloudFlare!

- Plugin files will only load when needed, not causing slowdown on other pages

- Earn affiliate revenue by enabling a ‘powered by…’ link through your envato username

- Continuous updates have been released and are to be expected as new feature suggestions and customization requests spotlight areas to improve. Also when 3rd party script authors release new versions. Bugs are to be eliminated when found.

- Support is taken seriously, all efforts will be made to make an incompatibility go away. Also I listen to customer opinions and feature suggestions.

Note : The images and WordPress theme seen in the preview are not included in the download. Also this is not Pinterest style. The plugin is not compatible with purely AJAX-based sites and animated gifs as thumbnails. You can make feature requests in the comments section.

- “The Justified Image Grid plugin for Wordpress installed easily, and works fantastic. It’s simple to use, and the multiple appearances made customization a breeze. I’d recommend this for anyone who wants their image galleries to stand out. In all – a great plugin. // Nils Kristoffersen”

- This is the best gallery plugin for wordpress. Great styles, loads of options, and totally flexible. I love it! Works perfectly for what I was trying to accomplish. Thank you so much!

- Great plugin and a great author!! Easy install, and when I had a small issue the author took care of it within minutes. Bookmarked

- What a beautiful gallery plugin! Lovely work.

- Just want to say: what an awesome plugin. I have been looking for a gallery for wordpress with these capabilities for an age! Great work Firsh.

- 5 stars on this one buddy, up and runnin faster then my coffee maker!

- This plugin is awesome, but Firsh’s customer service is incredible!

- Perfect and easy! Best (responsive) gallery plugin by far! Great job.

- You are awesome Firsh. The best customer service on the web!

- It¡äs too bad that I can¡ät give you another five stars for your custumer service!
So I do it this way: * * * * *

- Thanks for making such an awesome plugin, I really love it and am so glad I stumbled upon it today!

- 1.2? OMG …its the gift that keeps on giving! Right on man, best 12 bux I EVER spent.

- I love this gallery plugin….Been hoping someone would put it together, and did not imagine it being this good. Bravo!

- I just feel the need to comment on how extremely helpful Firsh is if you ever have a problem with your purchase or even if you have questions not related to your purchase. I would recommend buying from him. He is patient, thorough, and overall, makes great plugins!

- I did the upgrades of the plugin and it is working brilliantly. It takes true vision to develop such a piece of software and I applaud you for that! It solved a big problem for us and opened up some great new possibilities which we are using to extend our website design way beyond the norm.

- Thanks for the lightning fast support. Firsh was great help. He answered my query in under an hour and fixed my issue right away.


- This item made me the Nr1 Top Selling New Author For July 2012 on CodeCanyon, thank you my Dear Buyers!

- This file hit the 3-months Top Sellers list in 2 months with 373 sales (ending Aug, 2012)

- This plugin is on the Weekly Top Sellers list for 24+ consecutive weeks .

Updates / Changelog
v1.4 – December 17, 2012 – See the new features in action | Special effects | Settings screenshots

- Added: ‘Load more’ pagination (load images in batches)

- Added: NextGEN breadcrumb with lots of settings

- Added: Special effects (previously only desaturate): Desaturate, Blur, Glow, Sepia, Dark and light edge detection, ability to blend these (opacity)

- Added: Tabbed settings (both shortcode editor and main plugin settings)

- Added: Magnifier icon in the middle of the overlay (optional) with settings (on/off, image URL, opacity)

- Added: Borders (inner/middle/outer), mouse control of the innter border

- Added: Shadows (inner/outer)

- Added: Video support (prettyPhoto) this appears as a link target next to _blank and _self around the JIG Link

- Added: NextGEN feature supports single images by IDs and also NextGEN recent images

- Added: Recent posts can link to the images (lightbox) instead of posts – create a gallery using recent posts, not a slider

- Added: Ability to automatically exclude featured image from the gallery (use the word feature in the exclude field)

- Added: Ability to use random image order with: NextGEN, Facebook, Flickr

- Improved: WP3.5 compatibility (nem method of editing the shortcode, independent of TinyMCE)

- Improved: CURL is now used instead of file_ get_contents (should solve communicating forever bug)

- Improved: Use NextGEN images as featured images (used by the ‘recent posts’ feature)

- Improved: ID attribute accepts multiple post IDs to merge their galleries together (only useful for images attached to those posts, pre WP3.5)

- Improved: Load unattached wp images with include or IDs

- Improved: Better responsive theme compatibility

- Improved: Choose post type for recent posts

- Improved: FooBox 1.2.1 compatibility

- Improved: jQuery 1.8.3 compatibility

- Improved: NextGEN 1.9.8 compatibility

- Improved: Social Gallery V2 compatibility

- Improved: Better IE compatibility.

- Improved: Updated to Colorbox 1.3.20

- Bugfix: ‘Element is too thin’ when returning from PhotoSwipe

- Bugfix: Quotes (apostrophes) problem in NextGEN

- Bugfix: Fixed a browser crash due to scrollbar appearing and disappearing due to constantly varying gallery height (very rare case but serious)

- Bugfix: Sometimes gallery would be invisible when only one row is present and can’t fill the row.

- Bugfix: A compatibility bug regarding ‘sort’ and mootools.

- Bugfix: Remove ?zz=1 from flickr images links to allow lightboxes to treat these images as actual images.

- Bugfix: RGBA IE compatibility fix (transparent colors)

- Updated: Documentation, Localization, Contextual help

v1.3 – September 26, 2012 – See the new features in action | NextGen and FooBox demo

- New preview domain:

- Added: NextGEN integration, full support for nested albums and galleries, permalinks, custom links, limit, hidden limit is used instead of pagination.

- Added: Flickr integration with user manager area. Ability to load public photos from a user’s photostream, favorites, groups, photosets, galleries. No authentication required.

- Added: Recent posts capability, display links to the latest posts using their featured images using the grid. Custom excerpt options and category filter.

- Added: PhotoSwipe as a new lightbox option, ability to use it on mobiles only or everywhere

- Added: Premium lightboxes – FooBox and Social Gallery (purchased separately), dedicated mutual compatibility

- Added: Ability to add images to the lightbox that are above the limit (have a few thumbnails and 100s of images in the lightbox)

- Added: Open Custom Links in new or the current tab: link target _self and _blank (global setting, shortcode attribute, and a per image setting in the media editor)

- Added: Media attacher utility, allows you to move images between posts in the Media Library

- Added: Custom jQuery version checker. If a problem is present due to jQuery version lower than 1.7, you’ll get noticed and asked to update, instead of the gallery not displaying.

- Added: Developer/affiliate link feature.

- Improved: TimThumb is customized to treat images as external when otherwise would throw the error: ‘Could not find the internal image you specified.’

- Improved: Settings page got a core update and clicking on the options’ name will choose that radio button (usability)

- Improved: Cutomized prettyPhoto to be jQuery 1.8 compatible

- Improved: TimThumb permission checker now also handles permissions on two core files in the /cache folder. This also happens upon install.

- Improved: Inline CSS output is now minified, no pharagraph tags will occur in the source.

- Improved: Captions padding is now enforced with !important in the CSS.

- Improved: Error messages regarding Facebook (and Flickr) look ‘better’ in the shortcode editor.

- Improved: Changed approach by adding do_shortcode method to the template tag generator for better compatibility (backwards compatible with get_jig).

- Improved: The plugin now displays the Settings link in the plugin list (usability).

- Bugfix: Script no longer crashes when it’s initially hidden. Also when in an AJAX environment and/or its width is initially too thin (0-1px). Minimum operating width is 10px. If the parent element updates to a meaningful width in a short time, the gallery catches up, else it stays hidden and logs a JavaScript error.

- Bugfix: Core behavior change: when only on or a few images are added that can’t make a full row: the forced justify feature turns off instead of showing whitespace on the edges.

- Bugfix: Incomplete last row hiding is now more stable

- Bugfix: Last row mode ‘match height’ works correctly (defaults to normal row) if only one row is visible.

- Bugfix: Too lengthy descriptions are now automatically cut.

- Bugfix: ‘Do not use Facebook’ button click no longer generates an error

- Updated: Documentation, Localization, Contextual help

v1.2 – August 6, 2012 – See the new features in action

- Changed: Different row height dynamics: rows with even one portrait picture will be taller, default preset heights slightly lowered to reflect this

- Added: Facebook support with authorization manager tool

- Added: Permission checker and fixer for TimThumb cache directory, can be set to 755 or 777 if needed (without FTP access)

- Added: Handle incomplete last row (normal/hide/match previous height) as a setting and shortcode attribute

- Added: Option to select maximum rows

- Added: Option to limit images

- Added: Automatic error checking – hide unloadable images without breaking the gallery grid with whitespace

- Added: Include or Exclude images by attachment ID with a shortcode attribute

- Added: Slideshow speed setting in the prettyPhoto and ColorBox fields is added for new installs (If you wish to show it in your already installed and updated plugin just write -1 in the prettyPhoto and ColorBox fields to revert to the new default.)

- Added: Ability to choose the title (main caption) source from any WP field (possible to have caption only on some items or to only use the smaller caption)

- Added: Old jQuery from a theme is no longer an issue because you can now load fresh jQuery from Google CDN, and to choose header or footer as its location

- Added: prettyPhoto social tools – “linking to a specific image instead of the gallery URL when shared” now works for Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ (Facebook is not supported, it’ll share the gallery URL. Individual Facebook like is possible but it’s not in scope of a plugin: contact me if you wish to have that feature implemented in your site as a custom job.)

- Bugfix: prettyPhoto social tools – pinterest gets the pin URL properly not just the media URL, it is now the preferred way of sharing an image

- Bugfix: WP field for caption works properly even when the description field is empty

- Bugfix: Added missing cache directory for TimThumb, checks on activation if thumbnails can be created, sets 755 automatically

- Bugfix: Even when caching is inacessible, the images can still load from now on (depending on server)

- Bugfix: Inserting/editing the shortcode won’t create and stack up new lines from now on, you can insert it even in the middle of a pharagraph

- Bugfix: Editing shortcode now replaces the old one in IE

- Bugfix: Fixed description caption visibility when one instance was set to ‘fixed’ and another instance had ‘mixed’ they interfered

- Bugfix: Link class is no longer 0 when not set, rel is no longer ””

- Bugfix: The desaturated image would be stuck in color mode if it loaded under the cursor

- Bugfix: Horizontal scrollbar no longer appears when two galleries (without min height set) make the vertical scrollbar appear

- Improved: Compatibility with other JS libraries

- Improved: The shortcode editor has better compatibility with other plugins

- Improved: Some settings are now unaffected by preset settings, meaning that they will never be overwritten or discarded if you choose a preset. This allows sitewide settings for Facebook settings, jQuery settings, prettyPhoto and ColorBox JS settings

- Improved: Caption padding and margin slightly changed to allow the smaller caption on its own

- Improved: Save Changes button is always visible on the settings page, no need to scroll all the way down

- Improved: Insert/Edit Shortcode button is always visible in the shortcode editor, no need to scroll all the way down

- Improved: Theme compatibility, CSS fixes

- Improved: Browser compatibility with image load detection

- Improved: PDF bookmarks and clickable Table of Contents is added to the documentation

- Updated: Documentation, Localization, Contextual help

v1.1 – July 6, 2012 – See the new features in action

- Added: Right click protection

- Added: Custom link URL for images (new field in WP media settings)

- Added: Ability to use multiple instances in one page

- Added: prettyPhoto social tools enabled, more providers

- Added: prettyPhoto deeplinking support, auto link rel

- Added: Template tag support

- Added: Sidebar text widget compatibility (makes theme recognize shortcode there)

- Bugfix: Pixastic JS now only loads when desauration is on

- Updated: Documentation and contextual help to reflect changes

- Updated: Localization file

v1.0 – July 1, 2012 – Initial CodeCanyon Release

We may make statements regarding planned or future development efforts for our existing or new products and services. These statements are not intended to be a promise or guarantee of future availability of products, services or features but merely reflect our current plans and are based on factors currently known to us. These planned and future development efforts may change without notice. Purchasing decisions should not be made upon reliance on these statements.

- Huge thanks for NMH photography: greentzatziki on flickr. The other photos are mine.

- jQuery

- Pixastic

- hoverFlow

- prettyPhoto

- ColorBox

- PhotoSwipe

- FooBox

- Social Gallery

- NextGEN

- Facebook API

- Flickr API

Keywords: dynamic grid, facebook gallery, flickr gallery, grid, image grid, justified, justified gallery, mosaic, nextgen, recent posts, responsive, responsive grid, responsive wordpress gallery, wordpress gallery, wordpress plugin.

Tags: Gallery, Responsive, Justified, Wordpress, Image

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