CodeCanyon Easy Custom Content Types for WordPress 234182

CodeCanyon Easy Custom Content Types for WordPress 234182

CodeCanyon Easy Custom Content Types for WordPress 234182
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Plugin - Easy Custom Content Types for WordPress 234182 by mordauk @ CodeCanyon

Plugin \ WordPress \ Utilities

Last Update: 25 December 12; Software Version: WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3; High Resolution: No; Files Included: JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP.

Easily Create Custom Post Types, Taxonomies, and Custom Meta Boxes
Easy Content Types provides an extremely easy to use and intuitive interface for creating custom post types, taxonomies, and meta boxes.

This is the best custom post type plugin and will completely remove the difficult task of manually creating custom post types, taxonomies, and meta boxes.

Custom Post Types in Seconds
With Easy Content Types simple-to-use interface, you can create many different custom post types in just seconds. Simply choose the options you want enabled for your post type, enter a name and click “Add Post Type”. It’s that easy.
Custom post types make it exceptionally easy to create advanced organization schemes for your website. Have a movie or book review site? Place all of your reviews into a “Reviews” section, instead of a non-intuitive “reviews” category under Posts.

Custom Taxonomies to Organize and Sort Your Custom Post Types
Much like the built-in Categories and Tags, custom taxonomies allow you to define an organization within your custom post types. In just seconds you can add a “Genres” category to your movies or books review website and “categorize” all reviews into their correct Genres. It works just like the regular categories, but is so much better because you get to define the exact name your taxonomy uses.
Taxonomies can be used to organize the display of your content on the front-end of your website as well, they are not just for administration. This means that your website becomes much easier to navigate for your users!

Meta Boxes and Custom Post Meta Fields
Meta Boxes allow you to add additional information sections to your post editor. Going back to the reviews example, this means that you could easily have a section with fields for “author name”, “publication date”, “rating”, publisher”, etc. These fields can be created in just seconds and there are many types to choose from, including text inputs, drop down menus, radio buttons, check boxes, and more.
The custom meta fields can be used to display additional information, or used (if you’re a developer) to control aspects of your layout in your theme files. They are extremely powerful, and so simple to use.

For Developers and non Developers Alike
Easy Content Types has been built with developers and regular users both in mind, and has been optimized to be as easy to use as possible. It does everything for you, from registering the post types, setting up the menu icons, creating meta box fields, saving data, and even automatically creating theme template files (based off of existing theme files).
If you are not a developer, then you will love how much power and control this plugin gives you; if you are a developer, then you will absolutely fall in love with how Easy Content Types does all the heavy lifting for you. Forget about writing lines and lines of code to setup your post types, taxonomies, and meta boxes: Easy Content Types does it all for you.

Integrates perfectly with the WordPress Interface
Easy Content Types has been designed to fit perfectly into the core WordPress design. All aspects of the admin utilize stylesheets and other assets provide by WordPress core. This means that when WordPress’s UI is updated, so is Easy Content Types.

Because of how perfectly Easy Content Types fits into WordPress, you can include it in your client projects or in for-sale themes and your clients/users won’t even know it’s not part of WordPress core.

From PixelInPrint.
I want to add my voice as a testimony to Pippin. This is such a great Plugin which keeps getting better. What makes it truly awesome however is the support. If every dev were like Pippin life would be would be wonderful. So many ways to get in touch and unbelievably considerate and fast response to emails. You can buy this and other plugins from this guy with complete confidence! Thanks.
From kalelvz.
I wanted to leave a testimonial for this plugin. Not only is the plugin intuitive, Pippin has taken care to really consider users and make sure documentation is written out quite well. That’s a rarity with most devs I know, but Pippin is quite adept at it, with support in the form of a discussion board, tutorials and – gasp – actual emails that are responded to within an hour or so. I can’t speak enough of the support, it’s truly phenomenal, and well worth the nominal price of the plugin.
From coldfirepromotions.
This is not only a 5-star plugin with an incredible amount of utility and functionality, but the support deserves AT LEAST 5 -stars, too. It hasn’t been more than ~12 hours since I purchased this plugin and the author has already helped me solve an issue I was having. Big shout out to mordauk! If you’re thinking about purchasing this plugin, I can assure you it will be well worth the money spent!
Custom Post Types

- Easy to use interface

- Register custom post types

- Edit post types after creation

- Control all post type attributes and support options

- Automatically create theme template files for post types (based off of existing theme files)

- Set the slug of custom post types

- Support for advanced permalink structures

- Query Posts Short Code included to list your custom post type entries anywhere

- Export code for custom post types for use on sites without the plugin

- Thorough documentation and explanation of post types

Custom Taxonomies

- Easy to use interface

- Register custom taxonomies

- Edit taxonomies after creation

- Control all taxonomy attributes and support options

- Automatically create theme template files for taxonomies (based off of existing theme files)

- Set the slug of custom taxonomies

- Support for advanced permalink structures

- Query Posts by custom taxonomy short code included to show posts from a taxonomy anywhere you want

- Export code for custom taxonomies for use on sites without the plugin

- Thorough documentation and explanation of taxonomies

Custom Meta Boxes

- Easy to use interface

- Register custom meta boxes

- Edit meta boxes after creation

- Complete meta box placement control

- Choose the post type(s) that receives the meta box

- Add unlimited fields to meta box

- Drag and drop field ordering

- 11 field types

- Text

- Textarea – with rich editor option

- Select

- Radio

- Checkbox

- Multicheck list

- Datepicker

- jQuery UI Slider

- File Upload

- Repeatable text input

- Repeatable upload field

- Edit fields after creation

- Add descriptions to fields

- Automatic shortcodes for every field

- Automatically display all meta fields

- Export all meta boxes and fields

User Access Control

- Control which user levels have access to the custom content type menu

- Control which users can create custom post types

- Control which users can create custom taxonomies

- Control which users can create custom meta bxoes

Automatic upgrades from within WordPress
All support for this plugin is now provided through my dedicated support forum . Please go there to ask support related questions.

Click Here for a Realistic Demonstration of How to Use the Plugin
I have begun a tutorial series at Pippin’s that demonstrates various method of displaying content with this plugin.

View the Displaying Content with Easy Content Types Tutorial Series
Get Additional Meta Box Field Types

Filter by Taxonomies in the Admin

Easily Create a Directory Navigation

Need a Way to Display Your Custom Post Types in a Widget?

Or a Way to Show Similar Items?

Requires WordPress 3.2+
Due to some of the advanced features of this plugin, version 3.2 or later of WordPress is required. If you are running an older version, then you should seriously consider upgrading so that you can take advantage of the new great features in WordPress 3.3, and Easy Content Types!

Change log
(old change logs have been removed)

10-8-11: Version 2.3.2.

- Removed line break after checkbox field descriptions

- Made admin labels clickable

- Fixed bug that prevented the upload field from working if the post type did not support the Editor

- Replaced update notified with improved version to help prevent possible conflicts

- Added Post Types and Taxonomies to the Right Now Dashboard Widget

- Fixed character encoding issues for post type, taxonomy, meta box, and meta field names for non-latin characters

- Fixed CSS conflicts with the “Insert Link” editor window.

- Fixed default values for several post type attributes that caused CPT creation to fail on some servers

- Fixed default values meta box fields taht caused field creation to fail on some servers

- Fixed default menu position for post types if no position specified

- Removed ‘menu_position’ column from the taxonomies DB

10-24-11: Version 2.3.3.

- Added Updated notifications to the post type, taxonomy, meta box, and meta field edit screens

- Redesigned meta box and meta field edit pages to make them easier to use to better match WP core styles.

- Redesigned taxonomy edit page to make it easier to use and to better match WP core styles.

- Redesigned post type edit page to make it easier to use and to better match WP core styles.

- Structural updates that will allow “add-on” plugins easily

- Fixed redirect bug when updating a field. Users are now redirected back to the same field, instead of the meta box page

- Fixed media uploader bug that caused it to not display the popup correctly

- Removed ajax from all update scripts due to problems caused by some servers

- Added option to disable add_filter(‘do_shortcode’, ‘the_content’) as it caused conflicts with the Shopp plugin

- Completed full localization of the plugin.

- Added default post tag and category support to the post type export function.

- Fixed bug where fields would get disconnected from their meta box when the meta box name was changed

10-28-11: Version 2.3.4.

- Fixed non-indexed errors present when debug mode is on

- Fixed upload button for upload field types

- Fixed post type menu position update bug

- Fixed upload icon button in the post types creation form.

11-14-11: Version 2.3.5.

- Updated the meta field add/update function to protect against duplicate field IDs

- Added “ID” column to meta fields table

- Updated taxonomy database for upcoming Filter BY Taxonomy Add On

- Made improved to allow more expandability with add-on plugins

- Removed the final comma from the taxonomy Attribute list

- Fixed the exclude from search option for post types

- Updated the save meta function to allow 0 to be entered as a value

- Added “orderby” and “order” to the [ecpt_query] short code

- Added the with_front option to the post type export code

11-29-11: Version 2.3.6.

- Added __() to meta box names and field names for localization support

- Updated field creation / update function to remove slashes (/) from field IDs

- Updated ecpt_display_meta() function to automatically render URLs in text and textarea fields. Also added meta box name as an ID to the UL tag.

- Updated save meta function because checkboxes wouldn’t save properly in WP 3.3

- Added the “ecpt_” prefix to the meta fields ID column

- Improved HTML markup of meta boxes.

- Updated the meta box export code to fix problems caused by using hyphens in post type names

12-14-11: Version 2.3.7

- If you are using the Bonus Meta Fields add-on, you MUST upgrade it to v1.1.2

- Updated insert and save function for post types / taxonomies to fix the empty slug problem

- Add with_front to the taxonomy export code

- Updated the rich editor to work with WP 3.3 and completely rebuilt the field rendering function

- Added stripslashes() to the meta field descriptions

- Added automatic url rendering to the field short codes

- Updated field short codes for the repeatable fields.

- Updated automatic template creation to not show an error when using child themes

- Removed the option to auto flush permalinks

- Added the “repeatable” field type to meta boxes. Also added the option to auto display repeatable field values in the settings page

- Added $blank parameter to ecpt_display_meta() function so you can choose whether links open in new windows or now

- Added function to transform all text links, including emails and those without http:// into clickable links for the ecpt_display_meta() function

01-12-12: Version 2.3.8

- Fixed bug with multiple repeatable fields in a single meta box

- Add post thumbnails option to the [ecpt_query] short code. Check documentation for instructions.

- Fixed a bug in the [ecpt_query] short code that prevented tax queries from functioning correctly

- Re-added URL to parameter to field shortcode and fixed HTML syntax error with the IMG tag

- Fixed a bug with the field short code’s link rendering option

01-17-12: Version 2.3.9

- Added an option to disable the pre_get_posts filter for taxonomy archives

- Added a pre_get_posts filter for taxonomy archives to fix problems with 404 errors

- Regular meta text fields now accept double quotes

- Images uploaded with the upload meta field type are now attached to the current post as an attachment

- Changed meta field descriptions table column to type “longtext” to allow long field descriptions

- Added stripslashes() for meta field names and descriptions

- Removed bad whitespace from field options when adding new / updating

- Improved some file structures and includes for better performance

- Updated the meta box export function with the new date field code

- Updated short codes to work with the new date field formats

- Updated the way the date value is stored in “date” meta fields so they can be used in meta queries to order post type entries by meta value date.

- Updated the export function for meta boxes to include the new wp_editor() function in WP 3.3

- Fixed bug were the auto-display Date meta fields option in settings didn’t save

01-25-12: Version 2.4.0

- If you are using the Bonus Meta Field Types add-on, you MUST upgrade it to v1.1.3 at the same time as upgrading ECPT to v2.4.0

- Updated the ‘ecpt_fields_html’ filter to work correctly when there are more than one extra filters being applied

- Updated field short code and auto meta display functions to allow iframes to be posted in text areas

- Fixed error with empty date fields when first creating new entries in a post type with a date meta field

02-02-12: Version 2.4.1

- Added support for the Map field type in the automatic meta display functions.

- Added a warning that displays when trying to network activate the plugin.

- Updated documentation for displaying date meta fields with template tags.

- Fixed Show in Nav Menus bug for post types.

- Updated automatic taxonomy archive fix to decrease the likely hood of conflicts.

02-08-12: Version 2.4.2

- Added new setting to the automatic display meta options for repeatable upload fields

- Updated documentation for new repeatable upload field

- Added new Repeatable Upload meta field type

- Updated meta box UI jQuery

02-20-12: Version 2.5.0

- Dropped support for all WordPress version before 3.2

- Added export capability for both repeatable field types

- Added caching to post types, taxonomies, and metaboxes to dramatically improve performance

- Improved all data processing functions

- Improved ajax processing for meta field ordering

- Drastically improved admin jQuery srcipts

- Fixed problem with rendering iframes in plain textarea

- Improved performance of file includes

- Fixed a bug with the repeatable upload fields when using more than one repeatable field in a single meta box

Version 2.5.1

- Updated repeatable fields to allow quotes, both single and double.

- Moved DB install script to its own file.

- Fixed JS bug with the media uploader.

- Fixed bug with the repeatable field when using more than one repeatable field type in a meta box.

- Improved metabox export code.

- Added support for duplicating meta boxes.

- Updated metabox export function to allow for multi-post type meta boxes.

- Added support for selecting multiple post types for a single meta box.

- Changed metabox “page” option to show nicenames instead of object name.

- Removed “link” from the meta box objects.

- Removed external jQuery UI from admin and included the jQuery UI elements included with core WP.

Version 2.5.2

- Added an automatic update system for in-Dashboard upgrades for all future releases.

- Fixed a bug in the media uploader.

- Added option to restrict meta boxes to specific post / page IDs.

- Added two filters for textareas that allow you to filter the content of the textareas. “ecpt_textarea” and “ecpt_textarea_{field name}”.

- Fixed a problem with aposthrophes in meta field names when exporting meta fields.

- Fixed a problem with aposthrophes in meta field names.

- Added drag and drop ordering to repeatable upload fields.

Version 2.5.3
- Fixed a bug with the repeatable upload fields.
- Updated the French translation.
- Fixed a bug with the jQuery upload script.
Version 2.5.4
- Added two new filters: “ecpt_text_render” and “ecpt_textarea_render”.
- Fixed a broken documentation link in the admin.
- Fixed a bug with the media uploader.
- Fixed a bug with the automatic meta display function and repeatable upload fields.
Version 2.5.5
- Updated database table collation to UTF-8.
- Updated language files to include missing strings.
Version 2.5.6

- Added advanced labels to the export function.

- Added options for defining the advanced labels for each post type.

- Fixed an encoding bug with the automatic meta display functions.

- Fixed a bug with “exclude from search” for post types.

- Added new query filter to automatically include post types in search.

Version 2.5.7

- Added a new “multicheck” field type

- Fixed some undefined index errors

- Added do_action() hooks to all processing functions

- Updated old header(“location”) functions with wp_redirect()

- Fixed a bug with the advanced post type labels and default menu name

- Added an option for “advanced supports” for post types

Version 2.5.8

- Fixed a bug with the repeatable fields

- Fixed a broken documentation link

- Fixed a problem with the “Duplicate” meta box command

- Added a parameter called “new_window” for the [ecpt_field] short code

- Added Italian language files

- Fixed some export code problems

- Fixed incorrect text domains

- Fixed the search query filter that caused nav menus to disappear

- Added a new filter to help prevent conflicts with slugs

- Fixed a problem with admin CSS

- Improved some old code to bring it more up to date with standards

- Added missing nonce fields to all add/edit pages

- Fixed default post type menu name when advanced labels are left blank

- Fixed a bug with the multicheck field type

- Added the TGMPA class for recommended plugins

- Added an is_array() check to advanced labels


- Removed “Recommended Plugins” per buyers’ request.


- Improved the query filter that adds post types to search results

- Fixed a bug with missing/broken post type icons

- Added options to set default select and radio options

- Added new ecpt_field_save filter

- Fixed a PHP warning on the Create New Metabox screen

Version 2.5.9

- Fixed a bug in the auto updater

- Added missing localization to text strings

- Removed a deprecated global variable

- Improved data snaitization

- Updated French language files

- Added support for network activating the plugin

- Fixed a JS bug on the WP List Table

Version 2.6

- Improved ajax data processing.

- Removed a large number of global variables.

- Fixed date localization.

- Updated some of the documentation with better examples.

- Improved the JS used for uploading / inserting images.

- Improved localization of JS alerts.

- Dramatically improved data sanitation throughout the entire plugin.

- Performed a complete security audit and fixed many minor vulnerabilities.

Version 2.6.1

- Fixed a couple of bugs with $wpdb->prepare() usage.

Version 2.6.2

- Fixed a couple of bugs with $wpdb->prepare() usage.

Version 2.6.3

- Fixed a couple of bugs with $wpdb->prepare() usage.


- Fixed a couple of bugs with $wpdb->prepare() usage.


- Fixed a bug with the updater, a bug with the code export, and a bug with saving meta box fields.


- Fixed an issue with wpdb->prepare()

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