CodeCanyon Restrict Content Pro Premium Content Plugin 1256753

CodeCanyon Restrict Content Pro Premium Content Plugin 1256753

CodeCanyon Restrict Content Pro Premium Content Plugin 1256753
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Plugin - Restrict Content Pro Premium Content Plugin 1256753 by mordauk @ CodeCanyon

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Last Update: 20 December 12; Software Version: WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.2, WordPress 3.1; Files Included: JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP.

Restrict Content Pro is a complete subscription and premium content manager plugin for WordPress. Create an unlimited number of subscription levels, including free, trial and premium. Manage member’s and their subscriptions, track payments, offer discounts with a complete discount code system, and provide premium, members only content to your subscribers.

Very Simple to Use
With all of the features you need to set up premium content at your finger tips, Restrict Content Pro makes it extremely easy to deliver premium content to your subscribers.

With multiple methods of restricting content, you will find it quite simple to restrict entire posts / pages or just portions of them. Want to show content to premium users only? No problem. Want to show content to non-registered users only (such as a signup form)? No problem. Want to show content to non-registered users and non-premium users? This is simple too.

Members Management
Restrict Content Pro includes a complete member management system that lets you easily view all active, pending, expired, cancelled, and free users. Member’s subscriptions can be added or modified at anytime. Discount codes used and payments made by members are all tracked, so you can easily view every payment made or discount code used by any member. Subscription packages can include expiration dates, and members’ subscription statuses are automatically changed when they reach their expiration date.

Unlimited Subscription Packages
With Restrict Content Pro you can create an unlimited number of subscription packages. Each subscription level includes a name, description, duration, and price. You can easily create free, trial, and premium subscriptions. Member counts for all subscription levels are tracked as well, so you can quickly see which subscription levels are the most popular.

A user’s subscription level is chosen during the registration process. All subscription levels are shown to the user in an attractive manner on the registration page. View the Join the Site page on Pippin’s to view a sample of the registration page and subscription levels.

All subscription levels include the option for one-time payments and recurring payments. While registering, users simply choose whether they want a non-renewing subscription that expires at a set time, or an automatically renewing subscription.

Each subscription level can receive an “access level”. This determines the level of content this subscription grants access to, so you can easily give access to special content for your “gold” members, and then slightly less access for your “silver” members, or any other combination.

Integrated with PayPal Payments
All subscription payments are made via PayPal, allowing extremely fast and secure transactions. When a user signs up for a subscription, their account is automatically activated when the payment is complete. If a user has signed up for a subscription and then chooses to cancel it later on, their account on your website is automatically disabled as well, once the subscription reaches its end of term.

Additional payment gateways for Stripe and PayPal Pro / Express also available.

Note : to process subscriptions, you need to have at least a PayPal business account. Both personal and business accounts can process one time payments, but a free business account is needed to process recurring payments.

Discount Codes
Offer promotional discounts to subscribers with the complete discount code system built into Restrict Content Pro.

Create an unlimited number of discount codes and offer percentage or flat rate based discounts. Every time a discount code is used, it is tracked so that you can view the total number of times a discount is used, and it is also recorded to the details page of the member that used the discount.

Codes can be made active / inactive at any time and also have a protection system built-in that prevents users from using a discount more than once. Discount codes can be given automatica expiration dates and also set to have a max number of uses.

Payment Tracking
Every payment made to your website through Restrict Content Pro is recorded to the database for easy payment tracking. The Payments page of the plugin will display all payments recorded in the system, including the details of the payment, and will provide a number for the total amount of earnings made through the plugin.

Payments made by members are also recorded to the user’s meta information, allowing you to view every payment made by an individual user.

Data Export
In order to accommodate your own methods of tracking earnings and subscription sign ups, Restrict Content Pro includes an export function that allows you to download a CSV o all members or payments. You can generate a CSV of all active members of any particular subscription level, or a CSV of every member in the system. You can also generate a CSV of every payment that has been made.

The CSVs exported from Restrict Content Pro can then be used in whatever way you feel best. For example, you could export all of your expired members, then import them directly into Mail Chimp or aWeber and send them a special email newsletter encouraging them to renew their subscription. Or you could drop the payments CSV into your own financial tracking software.

Easy to Set Up
With just the right number of configuration settings, Restrict Content Pro is extremely simple to setup.

You can easily configure the messages that are displayed to non-authorized users when they try to view premium content; you can enter your PayPal email (for payments) and choose your currency easily. Also choose to enable jQuery validation on the registration and change password forms; configure the emails that are sent out to users when the sign up or modify their subscription.

A Sandbox (testing) mode is also included that allows you to test the plugin with PayPal before receiving any actual payments to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

Extensive Help
Every page of the plugin’s administrative interface includes a contextual Help tab that provides you relevant information at your finger tips. Forget about the hassle of opening an external documentation to find what you need; it’s all right there.

Also included with the plugin, is an additional built-in help page that includes documentation on all aspects of the plugin not covered in the Help tabs. In the Help page, is also a selection of introductory over view videos that give you simple, quick explanations of how to set up the plugin.

All support for this plugin is now provided through my dedicated support forum . Please go there to ask support related questions.

Setup Overview Videos

- Creating Subscription Levels

- Working with Members

- Adding / Editing Discount Codes

- Overview of Configuring Settings

- Overview of Restricting Content

- Setting Up Registration, Login, and Password Forms

Add-On Plugins
Affiliate Tracking and Referrals

The Affiliates (pro and light versions) plugin offers a complete affiliate / referral management system right inside your WordPress dashboard. I have written a free add-on that provides integration between Restrict Content Pro and Affiliates which lets you run an affiliate system on your site and payout referral earnings to your affiliates. Checkout the add-on .

Stripe Payment Gateway

Accept credit cards directly on your site’s registration page. This means the user never leaves your site and has a much smoother, more uniform experience. is by far one of the best ways to start accepting credit card payments, and this add-on plugin lets you integrate Stripe right into Restrict Content Pro.

Check out the Stripe Payment Gateway .

PayPal Pro / Express Payment Gateway

This add-on allows you to take payments via credit card with PayPal Pro, and also payments through the secure PayPal Express.

Check out the PayPal Pro / ExPress Payment Gateway

CSV User Import

This free add-on gives you the ability to import a CSV of user accounts into Restrict Content Pro. View details .

Mail Chimp

Add Mail Chimp integration to the Restrict Content Pro registration form with the free Mail Chimp Add-on. The add-on plugin will add an option for your users, both new and existing, to signup for your email newsletter during the registration process.

Head over to Pippin’s Plugins to get the add-on for free.

Campaign Monitor

Add Campaign Monitor integration to the Restrict Content Pro registration form with the free Campaign Monitor Add-on. The add-on plugin will add an option for your users, both new and existing, to signup for your email newsletter during the registration process.

Head over to Pippin’s Plugins to get the add-on for free.

Math Verification Captcha

With this add-on, you can add a simple math verification field to your membership registration form. In order to signup, the user must complete the simple addition problem.

Get the Math Verification Add-On

Earnings Graphs

With this add-on, you will have a new “Graphs” added to your Restrict menu for Restrict Content Pro.

This new page will display graphs of both monthly earnings for the current year, and also active members per subscription level.

Get the Graphs Add-On

Updates and changelog
Version 1.3.3

- Updated default language files.

- Fixed some missing text domains.

- Fixed a double slash in script URLs.

- Improved the function that checks to see if a payment has been recorded yet.

- Added a function to ensure RCP can be network activated.

- Fixed problem with HTML in subscription level descriptions.


- Added new rcp_pre_edit_discount action

- Improved data sanitization for discount codes

- Added new rcp_pre_add_discount hook

- Added Spanish translation files

- Added new rcp_show_subscription_level() function for determing if a level should be shown on the signup form


- Fixed a bug with a white screen after free signups


- Fixed a small bug with subscription lengths

Version 1.3.2

- Moved reCaptcha to a new rcp_show_captcha() function so it can be more easily modified

- Added new “rcp_return_url” filter so that the URL users are returned to can be more easily modified

- Fixed several potential security flaws

- Improved data validation and sanitization throughout the plugin

- Improved internationalization of date formats

- Fixed a problem with restricting to free users and access levels at the same time

- Added do_shortcode() to teaser messages so that they render short codes

- Improved documentation and help text throughout the plugin

- Added new “rcp_access_levels” filter for modifying the available access levels

- Fixed some broken images in the Help page

- Updated French language files

- Fixed a problem with calculating users first expiration date that caused members to expire before their renewing payment was made

- Added new “rcp_errors_before” and “rcp_errors_after” for adding content before/after error messages are displayed

- Improved the functions that calculate a discounted price

- Added a new function for storing discount codes in user’s meta

- Added new registration-functions.php and performed significant code cleanup

- Added a new filter “rcp_default_user_level” for the default user role given to members on signup


- Fixed a problem with allow furl_open

Version 1.3.1

- Fixed a bug with the auto updater

- Replaced a global with a constant

- Fixed a bug with expired users cron jobs

Version 1.3

- Documentated conflict with object caching

- Improved the email setting labels

- Hid the payment gateway checkboxes unless more than one gateway is available

- Added new rcp_get_currencies() function that can be filtered to allow more currencies

- Dramatically improved the rcp_curreny_filter() function with filters for other plugins to use to customize currency display

- Added new meta key for storing the PayPal recurring payment ID

- Improved security checks in IPN listener

- Fixed incorrect email address in IPN email log

- Added an option to disable IPN verification from PayPal

- Fixed the code prettifier in the help page

- Fixed a problem with the expired users cron job and users with no expiration date

- Fixed a bug with subscription level IDs in the registration form

- Fixed incorrect variable in rcp_set_status

- Added unique ID to each subscription level in the registration form

- Made default user level filterable

- Rewrote the settings page to follow the WP core UI

- Fixed a problem with the update notifier

- Improved the Paid Only option label to make it more clear

- Added a new filter to the meta box fields array to allow extra fields to be added

- Improved front end JS

- Added new filter to the rcp_excerpt_by_id() function

- Added Polish language files

- DIscount code input now gets hidden when a free subscription level is selected

- Added improved number formatting

- Improved rcp_get_members()

- Replaced custom SQL query with rcp_get_subscription_levels()

- Fixed problems with sorting users by subscription level

Version 1.2.4

- Added an ID to the discount codes P tag on the registration form

- Fixed a security flaw in the signup process that created a way for users to get access to premium content for free

- Registration fields now retain their information on submission error

- Fixed a missing argument in rcp_log_user_in()

- Fixed a problem with the function that calculates the discounted price

- Made discounts active by default

- Added some additional hooks to PayPal gateway

- Added an option to cancel subscription from the [subscription_details] shortcode for new signups

- Minor improvements to the PayPal gateway

Version 1.2.3

- Made some improvements to the PayPal verification to help prevent verification failures

- Updated default language files

- Fixed a problem with the JS that hides the auto renew option when a free subscription is selected

- Added new option to disable admin notifications

- Added an option to export free users

- Fixed the level query arg for auto plan selection

Version 1.2.2

- Fixed a bug with the user expiration cron job that sends out expiration notices

Version 1.2.1

- Fixed a couple of minor bugs with the user page columns

- Changed “Free” to 0 in the rcp_currency_filter() function

- Removed the IPN error log option

- Added tax=0 to the PayPal redirect

- Updated the login form to auto redirect to the current page

- Added JS to hide the auto renew option when a free subscription is selected

- Improved markup of the subscription details short code

- Added support for the Turkish Lira currency

- Moved load_plugin_textdomain() to an init hooked function

- Added action hooks and filters to the PayPal listener

Version 1.2.0

- Fixed a bug that caused bad encoding of apostrophes in the email “From” name.

- Fixed a bug that prevented admins from manually adding subscriptions to users.

- A few minor code improvements.

- Improved file organization.

- Updated language files.

Version 1.1.9

- Updated the default language files to include new strings for translation.

- Added do_action() hooks to the add/edit subscription level functions.

- Improved the payment gateway system.

- Added ajaxed live search to the “Add New Subscription” form.

- Fixed a bug with the PayPal Sandbox mode

Version 1.1.8

- Fixed a bug that caused non-active members to have an expiration date of 1970 in the [subscription_details] shortcode.

- Improved the registration form CSS slightly.

- Added a new advanced query arg that can be used on the Members page in the admin for displaying all members that signed up live vs. those that were added by admins.

- Added missed jQuery UI theme images for the datepicker.

- Fixed the double message problem with admin alert emails.


- Fixed a formatting bug with the discounts table when no codes have been created yet.

- Fixed a formatting bug with the subscriptions levels table when no levels have been created yet.

- Fixed the data type of the payment’s table “amount” column.

Version 1.1.7

- Added a cron job that checks for expired users every day and sends an email to the user when they have expired.

- Fixed a bug were subscription access levels were reset to 0 when editing.

- Fixed a few issues with utf8 encoding.

Version 1.1.6

- Added a meta box option for restricting content based upon the subscription level.

- Added a “subscription=ID” parameter to the [restrict] short code for limiting content to specific subscription levels.

- Updated Help page with information about access levels and restricting to subscription levels.

- Improved some admin CSS and jQuery loading.

- Improved the layout of the “Restrict this Content” metabox so that it can now be placed in the side column.

- Added new demonstration videos to the Help page on how to restrict content.

Version 1.1.5

- Moved the “members per page” and “payments per page” to the screen options tab.

- Added FAQs to the Help page.

- Added a div.rcp-payment-history around the user’s payment history.

- Added missing class attribute to “no payments recorded” message in the [subscription_details] shortcode.

Version 1.1.4

- Added support for access level restriction on free content.

- Added do_shortcode() to the [is_not_paid] short code.

- Made the first subscription level checked by default on the registration page.

- Added missing HTML element classes to the registration form.

Version 1.1.3

- Released the Math Verification add-on:

- Fixed an undefined variable bug in the front end JS.

- Added option to redirect default WP login URL to custom page.

- Added and in-dashboard plugin updater so that new releases can be updated to automatically from Wordpress.

- Fixed a bug with the “Hide Premium Posts” option.

Version 1.1.2

- Released the Payment Gateway add-on plugin.

- Added the “rcp_add_discount” and “rcp_edit_discount” processing hooks.

- Added the “rcp_levels_below_table”, “rcp_members_below_table”, and “rcp_discounts_below_table” actions.

- Updated the function that checks for an existing payment to not cause problems with add-on gateways.

- Fixed a bug with the restricted messages shown to users when restricting by userlevel.

Version 1.1.1

- Fixed a bug with the members page pagination.

- Added the “rcp_payments_page_bottom” and “rcp_payments_page_top” action hooks.

- Added the “rcp_metabox_excluded_post_types” filter hook.

- Added the “rcp_metabox_priority” filter hook.

- Fixed a bug with the filter hooks connected to the admin email messages.

- Added the “rcp_subscription_details” filter.

- Added the “rcp_subscription_details_list” filter.

- Updated subscription levels to include the ability to deactivate levels without entirely deleting them.

- Fixed problem with cached subscription levels when deleting levels.

- Added the “rcp_registration_header_logged_out” filter”.

- Added the “rcp_registration_header_logged_in” filter”.

- Updated registration form localization

- Added the “rcp_after_password_registration_field” hook.

- Fixed a bug with the [not_logged_in] short code

Version 1.1.0

- Added “Forgot your Password” form to Login Form.

- Added logout link to the login form when logged in.

- Action and filter reference updated with new actions and filters.

- Payment histories are now cached for improved performance in the admin.

- Subscription levels are now cached to improve performance.

- Updated login / registration functions to remove depreciated functions.

- Fixed admin layouts on screens with a resolution of < 1280px.

- Added option to view all members of a particular subscription level.

- Updated discount codes to bypass payment gateways if set to 100%.

- Added live jQuery validation to discount codes.

- Fixed a bug with the option that redirects non-authorized users away from premium content.

- Updated plugin infrastructure to allow additional payment gateways to be created.

- Changed the form processing hooks on the login and change password forms.

Version 1.0.3

- Added new filter to choose the order (DESC/ASC) members are displayed on the members page.

- Added new action hooks on the payments page so new columns can be added by add-on plugins.

- Added new action hooks on the subscription levels page so new columns can be added by add-on plugins.

- Added new action hooks on the discounts page so new columns can be added by add-on plugins.

- Added new action hooks on the members page so new columns can be added by add-on plugins.

- Changed order of Members page to display with newest at top.

- When adding member subscriptions manually, expiration dates are automatically calculated.

- Fixed [paid_posts] short code to only show published posts.

- Added an expiration date for discount codes.

- Added a maximum use option for discount codes.

- Updated post types that meta boxes are added to.

Version 1.0.2

- Added option to disable cURL for the PayPal IPN

- Added option to disable the auto renew option

- Improved settings page layout

- Updated registration function structure to allow additional gateways to be added

- Added payment history to the [subscription_details] short code

- Added the $user_id to the rcp_form_processing hook

- Updated the [login_form] shortcode with “redirect” and “class” parameters.

Version 1.0.1

- Added French translation

- Updated localization on several elements in the plugin that were previously untranslatable

- Added new action hooks that can be used to add additional info to the admin emails

- Add an option to choose the reCaptcha theme

- Added “registered_message” parameter to the [register_form] short code for changing the message that is displayed to users who already have an active account and attempt to view the registration page

- Added the [user_name] short code. It can be used to show the display name of the currently logged-in user

- Added option for SSL . This was needed for reCaptcha for users using SSL on their registration pages with reCaptcha enabled

- Fixed a bug with the redirect option for hiding all premium posts

Sugar Event Calendar for WordPress; Restrict Content Pro - PayPal Pro and Express; Simple Mail Chimp Signup Forms; Simple Campaign Monitor Signup Forms; Restrict Content Pro - Graphs; Restrict Content Pro - Math Verification; Restrict Content Pro - Stripe Payment Gateway.

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