CodeCanyon Deal Aggregator Platform 1443711

CodeCanyon Deal Aggregator Platform 1443711

CodeCanyon Deal Aggregator Platform 1443711
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PHP Script - Deal Aggregator Platform 1443711 by ggirtsou @ CodeCanyon

PHP Script \ Miscellaneous

Last Update: 3 July 12; Compatible Browsers: IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Firefox 4, Safari 4, Safari 5, Opera, Chrome; Software Version: PHP 5.x, PHP 5.0 - 5.2, PHP 5.3, MySQL 5.x; High Resolution: No; Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Layered PNG.

Deal Aggregator
Deal Aggregator allows you to run your own Deals Site easily. It can automatically add Deals from any XML Feed. With the latest changes handling XML feed is extremely fast and after months of testing and research we have made this extremely advanced application. Deal Aggregator will help you earn more money through Affiliate Marketing. Deal Aggregator has great features that makes it so unique and irresistable.

New version in development (ver 2.2)
We have been working on the new version of Deal Aggregator (Estimated Time Left: ~2 months) where there are numerous bug fixes and new awesome features such as.

- Blog with Posts , Categories , Comments and Tags (users are most likely to purchase a deal if they feel your site is an active community)

- Users with different roles : Administrator, Users (can buy deals), and Businesses (can add their own Deals)

- Allows Local Businesses to add their own deals to your site after being confirmed as a business by administrator so you can have a Deal Site for your local area. Perfect for sales in specific target areas.

- Compare Deals based on user criteria (price, expiration date, etc)

- Add UNIX Timestamp Support on XML Feed dates (current support is in MySQL Date format).

- Visitors will be able to register themselves as users, activate, login and reset their password.

- Administrator will be able to delete deals with certain criteria (i.e. delete all deals with price $1). Will be available through Advanced Deals Removal.

- There will be a complete Referal System so users will be motivated to promote your site to other users so they can get a comission. That way you can increase the number of your member list and boost your sales as well!

- Users and visitors will be able to buy deals from YOUR SITE through PayPal and you will be the boss of yourself without having to pay comission to other deal sites. Money will go straight to your account!

- You will be able to configure whether Deal Images are shown through the CoralCDN system (to help Deal Site servers have less workload by serving less images). Some deal sites are relatively new and can’t afford expensive Dedicated Servers. It’s no good for you as an Affiliate if other Deal Sites shut down.

- Administrator will be able to reset his/her password .

- Fix some sort filters that have issues.

- Make Newsletter structure even better (ability for every Front-End template to have its own Newsletter Template).

- A new option will be added in Control Panel where you’ll be able to choose whether HTML output code is compressed (for faster display) or not.

- Bug fixes in SEO Module and add other modules as well.

- Find Deals by Postal Code so users type in their Postal Code and find deals that are close to them.

- Add separate template pages for Deal View, will be more MVC (Model-Viewer-Controller) style.

- Check for app updates and theme updates and AUTOMATIC INSTALLATION through Admin Panel! Wow!

- You will be able to see new Deal Aggregator themes from your Admin Panel (whether they are free or paid).

- Check whether your copy of Deal Aggregator is valid or not (will require License Code).

- A detailed email will be sent to you every time a Cron Job runs (for all automated tasks) so you have better control of what has happened.

- Improve even more the Newsletter System for faster sending E-mails through Cron Job.

- Display Deals in Admin Panel by using AJAX requests (so you won’t have to wait for another page to load).

- A dropdown list will be added in Admin Panel in Deals View so you can only display deals by certain Category / Location / Status etc.

- Ability to set date format as you wish! You will also be able to set the timezone to your local one so all dates are displayed correctly.

- You will be able to set both “ Subject ” and “ From ” fields for Newsletter .

- More Ad-Zones to be added.

- By specifying certain keywords Deal Aggregator will be able to automatically assign a new deal that is fetch from XML Feeds to certain category / location . For example if a Deal contains the word “beauty” or “spa” you can make it so it will automatically be assigned to “Beauty” category.

- Add Deal Map support for seperate fields . Some XML Feeds have Map coordinates in seperate XML Tags.

- Add new PayPal Email option in Admin Panel (the account that money will go to when a new offer is purchased).

- Load Items by using AJAX request in Admin Panel.

- Merge Tool : Some XML Feeds contain wrong or mispelled information about Locations or Categories or you can get the same category created in different words. For example the category “beauty” and “spa” could be merged into “Beauty” category since both categories have similar offers. You will use the checkboxes to merge similar Categories and Locations together. Right now to achieve this you have to manually give the same name to each Category / Location.

- Database Check Tool: will check for missing keys (i.e. if an installation went wrong), health, or server crashed and caused data loss. It will also optimize the database tables if necessary

- Error Log Tool: will locate and record every single error that has been generated on your application. Also helpful if something doesn’t work as expected you could just check the error log for server errors. Can be used as a DEBUG tool as well to easily identify the nature of the problem.

- Sales Statistics: You will be able to see stats of your sales so you can keep track of sales every month/date/week. You will also be able to see the Referer Stats (Affiliate Statistics).

- More informative Emails will be sent by the app when.

- new installation completes,

- no offers found (empty site)

- a new order is made

- new account is created

All the above can be configured.

- Record Errors and False Login Attempts by saving to the database more information such as: IP, Username (if logged in), Date Time, HTTP Referer, Error Message, GET Data, POST Data

- Ability to choose Email Sending Method .

- Through SMTP (SSL/TLS)

- PHP ’s native mail() function

- sendmail

- MailChimp

The above is done by using SwiftMailer , Throttle plugin is also available to avoid hitting the hourly server email limit (if any). Other Email plugins also available.

Thank you for purchasing Deal Aggregator, please help us through the development process by purchasing another copy of Deal Aggregator to show our work is worth it.

Question: Will the price increase after version 2.2 is released?
ANSWER : Version 2.2 comes with a bunch of amazing features and we are definitely going to ask Envato for a price increase. If you previous have bought Deal Aggegator you will gt the update for FREE ! If not you will have to buy a slightly more expensive version than this one. So benefit from the waiting time and buy it now for only $35!

Top-notch support by our Team of Experts!
Don’t forget that every day we spend many hours answering your Tickets , making changes to your site for FREE , taking into consideration feature requests, giving you SEO advice, Server Advice, clever tips to boost your sales, and much more! We are here for you any hour of the day so feel free to contact us . Pre-sale questions are also welcome! We take the time to get to know of our customers so we can provide them the best support possible.

Deal Aggregator Templates
We are constantly working on making new Deal Aggregator Templates for this item that will boost your sales! You can view the available templates here . Themes are separate from this item and need to be purchased after you purchase Deal Aggregator .

Deal Aggregator Demo
You can check out the demo here . Admin Panel login details: admin / admin

Demo runs the default template which is designed by Free CSS templates . To get the premium Deal Aggregator Template click here .

Deal Aggregator Requirements.

- PHP 5 .3.8 (works with PHP 5 .3.3 but 5.3.8 is recommended)

- PHP OpenSSL / TLS must be enabled AND configured on your server for Sending Emails through SMTP

- PHP should be able to use set_time_limit() function

- PHP Gzip Support


- PHP uploads = on

- PHP safe_mode Off

- enabled PHP set_time_limit

- PHP should be able to read remote data through file_get_contents() function

- MySQL 5.1

- .htaccess support

- mod_rewrite support

What’s new in version 2.1?

- Compressed Feeds Support (Gzip, Zip).

- Correctly structured Template System.

- Code Compression, Sitemap, and RSS Feed Compression for faster display.

- Ratings on Deals.

- Deals Map.

- Load Offers on the same page by using Endless Scroll.

- Improved Categories / Locations / Shops List.

- Several fixes on Widgets.

- Removed Deal Rotator Widget after noticing that it was consuming too many resources.

- Fixes in Menus (added the option “No menu” on Settings).

- Proper data transfer to the Server’s memory without causing overload.

- Modern Newsletter with Offers according to Subscriber’s Preferences

- Modern Template on the Front-End and Admin Panel.

- Rich Tech (WYSIWYG) Editor where it’s needed.

- Deals can now belong to more than one Category, Location, Deal Site.

- Improved SEO with extremely useful SEO Module accessible from Admin Panel.

- Page with Deals on the Map that have set Map Latitude / Longitude.

- Send all Emails through SMTP protocol.

- Ability to set how many emails per hour will be sent (i.e. 500 emails per hour).

- Ability to set how many MB will be read from files (can be used to improve performance or not to overload the server).

- Added new options on “Required Deals Information”.

- Fixed problem with duplicate deals.

- Discount on deals is automatically calculated based on Previous Price and Final Price.

- XML Feeds are now automatically processed and you only match the XML Tags to their meaning (i.e. deal_title -> Deal Title).

- Subscribers can now change their preferences.

- Subscribers can now subscribe to more than one location.

- Pagination on every section on Admin Panel.

Rating Feature

Rating appears on Single Deal page and on pages that there are many offers when its activated from Admin Panel. On pages with many deals, rating only appears if Endless Scroll is disabled. You can activate/deactivate Rating from Admin Panel -> Deal Settings.

Endless Scroll Feature

When Endless Scroll is activated it allows your visitors to view deals without reloading the page (it’s done dynamically through an asynchronous AJAX request on the server).

To show new deals user will have to click a “More Offers” link. If no offers show up, then there aren’t more offers to display on that specific page.

Search Feature

Search functionality is to find deals that match with the provided keywords. It searches on Deal Title and Deal Description fields. Results cannot be sorted based on user preferences.

Deals Sort Feature

On pages where Deals are displayed, in the beginning on the page, there are several sort links. If you click on one of them, deals are displayed in different order according to the selected filter.

Deals Sort is available on the following pages.

- Home Page Deals

- Deals from specific Category

- Deals from specific Location

- Deals from specific Shop

Deal Categories Feature

Deal Categories allow your visitors to easier find the kind of offer they’re looking for (i.e. beauty, travel etc). The better the deals are categorized the more easier is for the visitor to find what he/she’s looking for and thus increases the chances of buying.

XML Feeds do have wrong information sometimes or they have non-friendly names as you may have noticed. This can be easily solved by changing Category Name (not the slug) from Admin Panel -> Categories -> Edit Category.

If you want to merge many categories you need to specify the same Category Name.

Categories RSS Feed Feature

Some Administrators like to have separate RSS Feed for each category in order to post deals from a specified Category to Facebook or Twitter by using services such as and twitterfeed .

To find the RSS for the category you’re looking for, simply navigate to Admin Panel -> Categories -> Edit Category and click on “RSS” link on the category you are interested in.

Deals Locations Feature

Just like Categories, Locations allow visitors to easily find what their looking for with the criteria of location. People usually want to find deals that are near them.

As said before, XML Feeds contain wrong information as you may have noticed. This can be easily fixed by changing Location Name (not slug) from Admin Panel -> Locations -> Edit Location.

If you want to merge many locations, you need to give them the same Location Name .

Deal Shops Feature

All Deals are provided by different Shops (Deal Shops). Shops that come from the Aggregated Feed usually have wrong names. If you want you can fix that from Admin Panel -> Deal Sites -> Edit Deal Site, and you can also upload a small logo (106×25 pixels) for that store.

Sidebar Widgets Feature

Widgets are small add-ons that are meant to add some certain functionality on your site. Since version 2.1 we removed Deal Rotator Widget because it used too much recourses and there was no reason to keep it.

To add/edit/delete Widgets navigate to Admin Panel -> Widgets.

Menus Feature

Navigation Menus are necessary for a visitor’s good experience since they allow him/her to easily navigate through the site. To set for example a Header menu you must first create it from Admin Panel -> Menus -> New Menu and choose it to display on the Header. After that you must go to Site Settings and set for the Header Menu the newly created menu.

Same thing can be done for Sidebar Menu and Footer Menu.

Menu Elements Feature

Navigation Menus by themselves are useless. Right after you create a Navigation Menu you need to create some Menu Elements (i.e. links) that will displayed on it.

To create Menu Elements navigate to Admin Panel -> Menus -> Create Menu Element.

Automatic Newsletter Feature

Automatic Newsletter is the process that is executed either automatically by Cron Job or manually by you. How often and how is up to your server’s capabilities. A suggested frequency is 2 days per day every 12 hours.

When Automatic Newsletter actually does is to send to Newsletter Subscribers an email with offers that interest them for the area(s) they’ve specified.

You can now set the amount and type (End Today, New Offers, Most Purchases, Most Views) of offers that will be displayed on the Newsletter.

On version 2.1 Newsletter will be sent through a modern template than can be easily modified and adapted to your needs. To enter your own text that subscribers will see, the amount and type of offers, navigate to Admin Panel -> Settings -> Newsletter Settings.

Mass E-mail Feature

Its functionality is similar to the Automatic Newsletter as it updates the same Newsletter Subscribers but in this case you write a specific message in order to inform your users about some kind of announcement, wish them happy holidays etc.

You can easily adjust your message by using the available rich text (WYSIWYG) editor.

To send Mass Email navigate to Admin Panel -> Newsletter -> Mass Email

XML Feeds Feature

XML Feeds are the files that Deal Aggregator analyses in order to insert deals. Those files are provided by Affiliate Networks. You need to register to as much as possible Affiliate Networks in order to have all kind of offers on your Deal Aggregator.

After you’ve registered an account you need to ask them to provide you with their Aggregated XML Feed.

Deals Feature

On version 2.1 Deals can now be assigned to multiple Categories, Locations, and Shops. Discount is automatically calculated based on the specified Previous Price and Final Price.

Also deals can be rated, displayed on map and commented through Facebook (these features are separate and need to be enabled through Admin Panel -> Settings -> Deal Settings).

Full List of Features.

- Site Settings (Change Title, Slogan, Description, Keywords, Tracking Code, Site Language, Template, GZip Compression, Entries Per Page, Currency, Top Menu, Footer Menu, SMTP Credentials)

- Advanced SEO Settings (Site Verification, XML Sitemap, RSS , RSS Shortcodes, Facebook OpenGraph, Search Engines Advanced Settings, Site Titles / Descriptions / Keywords)

- Deal Settings (Deals Per Page, Show Deals with Endless Scroll, Facebook Comments, Social Media Links, Deals Map, Deals Rating, Ads, Deals Order, Required Deal Information, Related Deals)

- Newsletter Settings (Email, Mails per Minute, Email Body Text, Shortcodes, Number of Deals per Type)

- Contact Settings (Email, Show Captcha, Address, Postal Code, City, Telephone, FAX , Map)

- Admin Details (Admin Username, Admin Password)

- Widgets (Add/Edit/Delete)

- Static Pages (Add/Edit/Delete)

- Menus (New/Edit/Delete Menu, New/Edit/Delete Menu Item)

- Categories (New/Edit/Delete Category)

- Deal Sites (New/Edit/Delete Deal Site)

- Deals (Premium Deals, Add/Edit/Delete Deal, Advanced Deals Removal)

- XML Feeds (Add/Edit/Delete Feed)

- Newsletter (Subscribed Users, Mass Email, Add/Edit/Delete Subscriber)

- Automation (Get Deals, Delete Expired Deals, Send Newsletter, XML Sitemap)

Wordpress Safer Admin Plugin.

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