ActiveDen Qrouzell Builder 4154086

ActiveDen Qrouzell Builder 4154086

ActiveDen Qrouzell Builder 4154086
Flash Template \ Image Viewer \ 3D & Carousel
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Flash Template - Qrouzell Builder 4154086 by frictionman @ ActiveDen

Flash Template \ Image Viewer \ 3D & Carousel

ActionScript Version: AS3; Documentation: Well Documented; Flash Files Included: Flash FLA, ActionScript AS, XML Files, HTML Files; Opens With: Flash CS5 (10+), Flash CS5.5 (10.2+), Flash CS6; Published Size: 60kb; Resolution: Resizable.

Qrouzell is advanced XML driven carousel engine which differs from other solutions on the market by its flexibility and amount of features. Qrouzell lets you control every aspect of carousel beginning from its shape, how content is rendered on the screen to how cards behave on the carousel ( how cards properties change along the path ). Qrouzell comes with WYSIWYG ( What You See Is What You Get ) Qrouzell Builder application which enables you to build your carousel visually and export XML configuration file.
With Qrouzell you can build carousels, galleries, cover flows, product rotators. You can deploy it on the web or use it in your flash/actionscript project ( also on mobile ).

Rendering module – choose renderer module which is responsible for how cards are displayed on the screen. Qrouzell comes with 2 ready to use renderer modules: BasicRenderer3D ( for flashPlayer 10 ) and A3DRenderer ( for Away3D flashplayer 11 stage3D which also enables you to compile carousel for mobile devices ). Each module has its own set of properties you can control via additional XML syntax.
Changeability of renderers enables you to extend existing renderers or develop your own renderers and use them in Qrouzell.

- Customizable path shape – you are no longer limited to one predefined carousel shape. Now you can define the shape by providing list of key points. Furthermore you can choose whether the shape is closed ( like circle, ellipse etc ) or opened ( line, free shape ). You can also set transformations to the shape ( scale, position and rotation )

- Cards management system – qrouzell has flexible cards management system which lets you display cards of different types. Qrouzell comes with 4 basic card types for BasicRenderer3D and 4 card types for Away3DRenderer that you can customize. This basic card types are.

o BasicCard – card which content is static ( drawn in flash )
o BasicAssetCard – card that dynamically loads external content : image or swf
o BasicMP3Card – card that plays mp3 files
o BasicVideoCard – card that plays video files ( flv )
o A3DBasicCard – Away3D plane card with compiled movieClip as texture ( by default it is textField ).
o A3DBasicAssetCard – Away3D plane card with ability to load images as front side/back side textures
o A3DBoxCard – Away3D Cube which loads images as each walls texture.
o A3DOBJAssetCard – Away3D card that load external 3D model in .OBJ format.
o A3DMirrorCard – Away3D plane which serves as mirror surface ( used for reflections ).
All cards are fully customizable. You can easily build your own cards based on provided fla prototypes. You can build thousands of cards by following tutorials ( basic flash knowledge required, no actionscript knowledge required though ). Each card has its own set of properties which you can set via additional XML. For example BasicAssetCard has following properties.
o assetURL – url to asset. It can be image ( jpg/png/gif) or an swf file
o assetAlign – how asset is aligned inside the card ( if it is centered or aligned via corner etc). By default asset is centered.
o assetLoadMethod – if asset is loaded when carousel starts or when card is displayed on screen
o alpha – transparency
o scale
o scaleX – scale limited to x axis
o scaleY – scale limited to y axis
o rotationX – rotation limited to x axis
o rotationY – rotation limited to y axis
o rotationZ – rotation limited to z axis
o blur – blur amount
o blurX – blur on x axis
o blurY – blur on y axis
o blurAccuracy – interval of blur changes ( for performance management )
o blurQuality – quality of blur ( for performance management )
o zOrderOffset – this one lets you display card in front of other cards regardless it real z position.
o frame – which frame of card movie clip to display ( for animated cards )
o assetFrame – which frame of asset movie clip to display ( for movieClip assets )
o link – url which card navigates to on click
o linkTarget – where to open the link ( same window / new window )
o buttonMode – if mouse shows hand cursor when user rolls over the card
o mouseEnabled – if card reacts on click event
o ghost – if card has shadow or reflection. Each ghost has number of properties to set.
o background – background rectangle with optional beveled or rounded corners
o contentMask – loaded asset masking area ( also with optional beveled and/or rounded
corners )

- Static cards – beside cards that flow on carousel’s path you can also display ones that are static in 3D space. This enables you to build 3D scene. For example you can display company logo or some decorations etc.

- Controllable cards behavior – you can define how cards behave on the path. Simply define list of parameters and their values in specified key points. For example BasicCard has following properties you can control.
o alpha
o blur
o blur quality
o blur change accuracy
o rotations XYZ
o scales XYZ
o offset from path XYZ
o Z ordering offset
o visibility
o shadow and reflection parameters including alpha, blur, rotations, scales and more
You can control every numerical property of card.
You can also control how values change from one key point to the next one by choosing one of available ease equations ( Robert Penner easing equations unded BSD Licence). Available equations are.
o Back in, Back out, Back in-out
o Bounce in, Bounce out, Bounce in-out
o Circular in, Circular out, Circular in-out
o Elastic in, Elastic out, Elastic in-out
o Exponential in, Exponential out, Exponential in-out
o Linear
o Quadratic in, Quadratic out, Quadratic in-out
o Quartic in, Quartic out, Quartic in-out
o Quintic in, Quintic out, Quintic in-out
o Sine in, Sine out, Sine in-out

- UI module – choose which module controls how carousel reacts on user input. Qrouzell comes with 45ready to use ui modules .
o DefaultUI – rotates carousel on mouse movement
o ScrollBarUI – carousel movement is controlled by scrollbar
o SimpleNaviUI – navigate through cards with buttons previous and next
o ExtendedNaviUI – navigate through cards with item buttons
o TouchUI – carousel is controlled by mouse/finger dragging.
Each module has its own set of properties you can control via additional XML syntax. For example DefaultUI module has following properties you can set.
o speed – how fast carousel changes revolution speed on mouse movement
o interactiveArea – rectangle that marks out area which user has influence on carousel in
o deadZone – amount of inactive area inside interactiveArea
o interactiveAreaEnabled – if interactive area is active or not
o easeToNearest – animation type and time for nearest card snapping on user idle
o easeToSpeed – animation type and time for carousel revolution speed changes

- QrouzellBuilder CMS application which lets you edit/build carousels visually.
- AS3 OOP designed and javadoc commented – you must match only provided interfaces to develop your own card types or modules.
- Comes with ~90 pages long documentation.
- Comes with 10 tutorials which will teach you how to use QrouzellBuilder and how to customize cards.
- Comes with 16 ready to use and customize templates for BasicRenderer 3D ( Flash player 10 ) and 7 templates for A3DRenderer ( Away 3D 4.1 based renderer which uses Flash Player 11 stage3D )
These are main features of Qrouzell. Other properties you can set are.
- distance between cards ( for opened path only. For closed path this value is calculated automatically based on number of cards )
- bounds of carousel revolution – if cards flow endlessly in any direction or just from first card to the last one and back
- background color
- background image – url, size and position offset from center
- preloader – you can build custom preloader swf and plug it to qrouzell by providing URL via flashvars ( tutorial included )
- additional assets preload – you can provide url’s to additional assets you want to include in preload loop that would be cached by the browser.

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Tags: Qrouzell, Image, Gallery, Viewer, Mobile, Rotator

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